Registration Form

My child is interested in cheering with F'yerce Elite Cheer. I/We understand I/We will be required to sign a code of conduct contract, as well as a COVID and Safety waiver before the beginning of the season. I/We promise to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by F'yerce Elite Cheer. I/We promise to cooperate and follow the instructions of the F'yerce Elite coaching staff.
Waiver Statement
Beginner 1 - 5 Advanced
Parental Permission For Emergency Treatment In the event of illness or accident, I give my permission for emergency treatment by qualified medical personnel for my child, and I authorize the person in charge to take my child to: I give consent for the facility to secure any and all necessary emergency medical care for my child.
Although the safety is the primary concern for each athlete, I understand the that injuries and/or death may result from our willing participation with competitive cheer with F'yerce Elite Cheer. I expressly assume the risk of injury, death, and/or illness arising from any cause, and agree to waive the right to pursue any claim against F'yerce Elite Cheer, it's agents, gym owner and it's participants.